Anonymous wondered: What about trans women, do you think they are women as well?



A ‘real woman’ is a person who says to themselves, ‘I am a real woman’. xxx

A queen at work

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very rare footage of tyler in the closet.

I will forever reblog this.

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a selection of some of my favorite john and tyler twitter moments

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I never thought of being shipped with someone. I’d honestly say I think Troyler is one of the most shipped ships on YouTube right now. Basically, originally what it was - I admire Tyler Oakley so much. As a human and as a creator I think he’s awesome. Right? So on top of that when I was a little kidling on YouTube watching videos of being gay and stuff like that, he was one of the results that came up, so, I’ve got a relationship with him that goes way back to before we met. We met a year ago today, actually, it was on his birthday so Ive really only known him for a year in person, but, I don’t know, I’ve just had a - in my head, I’ve had a relationship in what I assume the viewers have with me or with other YouTubers. Its like that side relationship you feel like you know the person. So, um - eventually then when I started making those videos and everything and he payed attention to it, which was fine - and before I was “out”, and then I came out and like a week later we collabed for the first time, or two weeks later, it was the very next video I think. I came out and my next video was with Tyler. [Was it like a ‘Hi Everyone! This is my boyfriend’ video?] No! It was definitely not. No. It just really happened that way.

I was in LA for, uh - Vidcon? I think it was, yeah, it was Vidcon, and that was the next video I filmed. I wanted to do a collaboration and Tyler and I had become friends over Playlist Live and again - I had come out to him - so we had become very closely tight friends. And, um - we just thought we’d collab. I don’t know I guess people just saw some sort of chemistry, or something like that. Or saw something they liked. But theres always that thing where “He’s gay, He’s gay” or “you two should date because you’re both gay”. Its like theres that same thing like “Oh my God, I have a gay friend, do you know blah blah blah?”. Im like, I don’t know every gay person in the world.

For me, regardless of brand and stuff like that, I think its fun [Troyler]. I think shipping is honestly a really fun part of the online community. And the fun part of being in a fandom, too. [What if you don’t ship the same people as the other fandom?] Thats the part I don’t like. It - It gets serious. And weird. And people take it and get crazy with it. But - um - theres definitely been times where theres been a strain on our - not on our friendship or anything - but this weird pressure. Like I don’t wanna check my tumblr tag for a few days just because I know people are going to be either making stuff up or, you know, just kind of talking. And it stresses me out sometimes. And it stresses Tyler out sometimes, but - I think were in a really really good place now which is we are as in on it as our audience are. So regardless of how real Troyler is, its fun and we’re all enjoying it one-hundred percent. And I love Tyler. I really really genuinely do. He’s an amazing, amazing, amazing person and I couldn’t be happier to have him apart of my online existence. So - yeah. We’re just kind of like - we’re just enjoying it.

Now I get excited if we’re gonna post a video. Like, everyone is gonna be excited about this. They love us together, wether they think we’re just friends or that we think that we’re dating. (!!!!!!!!) Regardless, I don’t know, something about you and me hanging out really makes them happy and they’re enjoying it and we’re making good videos together. So, um - we get excited by it. I did stuff on the mainstage with him today at Playlist live. We do stuff together because people like it. And we enjoy doing it. He’s my best friend, so why wouldn’t I wanna hang out with him and do stuff with him on a daily basis? [So, you’re dating?] No comment. Its just - I dont know, its one of those things that is probably better to leave alone.

” —

Troye Sivan ( troyesivan ) In “Ear Biscuits” new interview from Playlist Live, March 2014. (via ayetroyler)


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She gotta booty like a Cadillac 


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troye is seriously fucking some shit up and i don’t think i’ll ever be able to actually express how proud i am of him????

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yes ok i uploaded this 20 minutes before this ends and joseph rushed me i feel like a failure, yes anyway heres a homecoming selfieeeeeee :) have a nice day

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Oh, we remember.

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Hi friends! Not sure if you know, but I’ve got a free weekly podcast. It’s one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done - and me and my cohost Korey have so much fun recording new episodes every week. It’s perfect for any drive to work or walk to class. Subscribe HERE and enjoy.

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